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24 February 2012 @ 07:54 pm
Bachelors Degree Completed  

I am officially done with my bachelors! Wow, this has been a long two years, but a worthwhile one. Though I entered the Multimedia Design and Development program with plenty of first-hand experience in web design, I learned a great deal that filled in the holes that being self-taught can leave. I believe that my web design/development skills are greatly improved, and during this two month break, it is my intention to create a premium-quality WordPress theme to test out just how far my skills have come. I also need to update my professional portfolio JacquelynFisher.com.

The next two months will be a nice break from school, assignments, and graded projects, but I have a long list of personal projects that I have been wanting to do for many months now. In addition to building my own WordPress theme and updating my portfolio, I have a novella fully outlined that I intend to start and finish; a photo-manipulation that is only half-done; travel to Arizona mid-March for my sister’s wedding; plan a small music concert for my church scheduled for the first Sabbath of April; and much more. My sleep cycle should also be modified: I have been getting to sleep quite late and, as a result, getting up late in the mornings.

In other news, my first article for ADvindicate, Collective Neglect, Individual Indifference, was positively received. I have three days left until the deadline of my March article, and I have currently wavering between various ideas. I pray for the Lord’s guidance so that whatever topic He inspires me to write will be full of truth and encouragement for others.

Here is some good news on the health-front: since cutting wheat from my diet in July 2011, I have dropped two dress sizes. I was tightening the belt on my trenchcoat yesterday (the black one I purchased on one of my trips to Russia) and it was comfort at the fifth hole! When I bought the coat in 2004, I had to hold my breath to use just the third hole. I could not believe how tiny I looked in the full-length mirror, either, and I am still about 15 lbs away from my goal (just one more dress size).

The winter here in Virginia has been quite unusual. We have had snow only a handful of times, and only twice did it stay on the ground for about 24 hours. The temperatures have been so very pleasant, such as today where it reached 70°F until the storm front swept in. Then we had some nasty thunder and a heavy downpour. The air is cooler but still nice enough to allow the house to air out. We are keeping the weather radio close at hand just in case of tornadoes. Ah, another very loud, long rumble of thunder.

Since I have a few minutes, I think I will answer a couple of questions from the daily meme.

2.20 (51) If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake?

I have found two reasons. The first is pride; not the appropriate pride in oneself and actions that is coupled with humility, but an abundance of the arrogant pride, which results in self-delusion and a sense of infallibility. The second is embarassment due to the belittlement, ridicule, and judgmental attitudes of others.

2.21 (52) What impact do you want to leave on the world?

A positive one. I have always desired to be helpful to those around me through a positive attitude and encouragement and, if at all possible, to leave the places I have been a little better than how I had found them. If I am remembered, I wish to be remembered as a woman who reflected the love of Christ in all aspects of my life, but being remembered is not important to me.